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ADCI Workers’ Compensation Program 

We are particularly proud of our ADCI Workers’ Compensation program which has been in existence since 1999 and has been officially recognized by The Association of Diving Contractors International Inc.

The program is very competitive for one reason…ADCI General Members have historically demonstrated an unwavering commitment to safety and loss prevention.  This commitment has resulted in an extraordinarily low frequency of diving accidents and therefore justifies lower rates for ADCI Members.

This program offers Workers’ Compensation coverage for all the exposures associated with a commercial diving contractor’s operations, including but not limited to diving, marine construction and shore-side construction. Competitive rates are available, reflective of individual General Member’s loss experience as well as the safety consciousness and good claims record of the ADCI General Membership as a whole.


Program Features

  • Coverage for all aspects of your business including State Act (except monopolistic states), Jones Act (Maritime Employers Liability), and USL&H coverage

  • Basic limits of $1,000,000 for all non-statutory coverages

  • Availability of Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act coverage and other coverage extensions

  • Competitive premium financing available

  • Nationwide claims handling capabilities

  • “A” rated insurance carrier


ISR has worked closely with the commercial diving industry for many years and we are proud to offer very competitive terms and pricing for the following coverages:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Primary limits of $1,000,000, excess limits up to $100,000,000
  • Including Products Liability and Completed Operations, Gulf of Mexico Extension; Sudden and Accidental Pollution, Employee Benefits Liability, Blanket Additional Insureds, Blanket Contractual and Waiver of Subrogation
  • Can be extended to include Action Over Indemnity / Third Party Over coverage subject to underwriters approval
  • Umbrella / Bumbershoot Insurance
  • Limits available up to $100,000,000
  • All primary liabilities, including Maritime Employers Liability, can be scheduled as underlying coverages
  • Hull and P&I Insurance
  • All kinds of vessels covered including, but not limited to workboats, barges, DSVs and submersibles
  • Including Excess Collision and Tower’s Liability, Cargo Liability and Pollution Liability  emanating from vessels.
  • Equipment Insurance
  • Worldwide coverage while in the water, onboard vessels, in transit by any mode of transport and while in storage
  • Replacement cost coverage available on selected items
  • Including cover for leased / rented equipment
  • Extra Expense and Loss of Business Income coverage
  • Includes ROVs and AUVs

All Insurers are rated “A” or higher by A.M. Best and Company.



What is the average program rate for USL&H and MEL Diving Payroll?

Since each member is individually underwritten based on their unique company profile, it is difficult to give an average rate. What is important to remember is that your rate will be a function of the unique characteristics of your business (type of service offered, five year loss history, active safety program, years in business, company size…etc.), and not the industry as a whole.


Much of the information requested in the application process is proprietary and confidential. Who has access to this information?

All information provided as part of the application process remains confidential between ISR and the program underwriters. Neither the ADCI nor other members will have access to this information.


Must I be an ADCI Member in order to get a program quotation?

No. You must, however, agree to become a member and remain in good standing if you accept the quote.


Although the applicability of each of these exposures has been widely interpreted for commercial divers, the basic distinctions for the purpises of the ADCI program are as follows:

State Act:  Diving / Tendering while on non-navigable waters such as ponds, tanks, reservoirs, some rivers and lakes…etc.

USL&H:  Diving / Tendering from fixed platforms or shore while on navigable waters

MEL:  Diving / Tendering from vessels on navigable waters


Can I access the program through my current insurance agent / broker?

Yes. The ADCI program is set up in such a way that you can continue to work with your current agent or broker to access the program through ISR. This program has been created in such a way to provide seamless access to the product with as little disruption to current relationships as possible.


Does ISR have any other insurance products available for diving contractors?

Yes. ISR also has very competitive General Liability, Equipment, Hull, Protection & Indemnity, Excess Liability and Pollution Liability products available.


How is payroll reported and premium paid?

This is not a “pay as you go” product. The inception premiums are calculated by applying rates against annual payroll. An annual audit of actual payroll is conducted to determine the final premium. Inception premiums, however, can be paid monthly through the  program’s competitive premium financing. There may be payroll limitations available under State Act and USL&H coverage depending on the States that have a payroll exposure.



Contact Steve Macquarrie at or at 781.295.0270 ext. 284 for additional program details.



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ISR is the leader in diving insurance placements and the endorsed diving insurance broker for the ADC – Association of Diving Contractors International. The program is very competitive for one reason…ADCI General Members have historically demonstrated an unwavering commitment to safety and loss prevention. This commitment has resulted in an extraordinarily low frequency of diving accidents and therefore justifies lower rates for ADCI Members.